GlycoT Therapeutics awarded Phase II SBIR

August 1, 2021

Based on successful completion the proposed work in a Phase I SBIR, GlycoT Therapeutics was awarded a Phase II SBIR titled “Development of streamlined glycan remodeling systems for antibodies and other important glycoproteins” (2R44GM134816-03), with funds of totally $1.48 million.  The relevant R&D will further improve the enzyme immobilization, expand the immobilization study to enzymes for all glycoprotein, and establish scalable production protocol of glycan substrates. The immobilized enzymes, combined with activated glycan library as kits, can help general users, particularly non-specialists, to prepare glycan-defined glycoproteins for structural and functional studies. The streamlined approach can also be applied in scale-up preparation of homogenous glycoproteins with therapeutic potential.

Research and Development Collaborations
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