GlycoT Therapeutics
Move the puzzle pieces of sugar and protein
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Applied research and technology
Our Mission

Who we are

GlycoT Therapeutics aims to apply its innovative and proprietary chemoenzymatic glycosylation technology for glycoengineering of therapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies to improve their therapeutic efficacy.

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What we do

In addition, the company also applies its technology for producing enzymes, oligosaccharides, glycopeptides, and other glycoprotein products as valuable research tools for disease diagnosis and glycobiology research field.

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Company news

GlycoT awarded a Phase I SBIR
April 28, 2022

GlycoT was awarded a Phase I SBIR titled "Development of a facile, robust, scalable, and versatile chemoenzymatic glycan-remodeling approach for site-specific antibody conjugation" (1/R43GM146537) with total funding support of $321,239.

GlycoT and Genovis cross-licensing agreements
June 6, 2021

GlycoT and Genovis enter into cross-licensing agreements on novel antibody conjugation technology. Under the agreement, Gneovis ( a Sweden publicly traded company) will use the GlycoT's transglycosylation technology to develop research and diagnostic products.

Daiichi Sankyo sublicense agreement
September 14, 2020

GlycoT Therapeutics has signed a sublicense agreement for its glycoengineering technology with Daiichi Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company and the second-largest pharmaceutical company in Japan.

Research and Development Collaborations
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